Scanning accounting entries

You need to make a digital copy of some documents, invoices or receipts but the printer-scanner-copier is not nearby?

Here comes DocScan.

It is a smartphone application that uses your phone’s camera to create PDF documents. The application is very easy to use.

To scan a document, invoice, or receipt, place it on a flat surface, such as a table, and take a picture of it. After that you need to select the document outlines and the application will automatically make photo corrections to the photo. If you are not satisfied with this, you can also manually adjust the contrast of the image. Also, a wrinkled document or a poor quality image can be a beautiful scanned document.

Ready files can be saved in the following formats: JPEG – well-known, widely used image format.PDF – A platform-independent format for text, graphics, etc. created by Adobe. And from there, you can easily forward them to an e-Accountant, for example. DocScan is an iPhone application for smartphones and available for free on AppStore. For Android phone users, we also recommend the free downloadable CamScanner application. And it can be found on the Google Play Store.