Help with a company formation in Estonia


Product includes:

Instruction manual, detailed information about how to establish a company in Estonia:

  • With an ID card, with Mobile ID and e-residency card
  • Via Public Notary
  • With Power of Attorney

Assisting with electronic registration if there still will arise some obstacle



Help with a formation and registering a company in Estonia.

Manual contains:

  • Electronic registration via the e-Commercial Register’s Company Registration Portal
  • Establishing a private limited company through a notary
  • Establishing with Power of Attorney
  • What to consider before preparing a formation petition

The manual will be sent to you automatically with the order confirmation

It is also possible to set up a company yourself by spending time on registry and ministry websites and cramming databases. Probably you will find all the necessary data but in practice, there will arise unexpected problems that could not have been expected.

It is wise to take by side someone who has done it before.