How do I report data protection data to my business portal?

By logging in to an Enterprise Portal, you can submit data from a designated data protection specialist. To do this, select the company associated with you on the home page, which you want to provide the data protection officer you want to report. The designated data protection specialist can be informed by the persons authorized to represent the controller of the personal data. The Entrepreneur page has a section called “Data Protection Officer”. Click “Add Data Protection Specialist” to add a Data Protection Specialist.

Worksheet opens. Up to two data protection specialists can be provided. The period of validity of these mandates must not overlap. To get started, select the type of data protection specialist. The data protection specialist may be a legal entity or a natural person.

For a natural person, the first name, surname, personal identification code and citizenship, or the date of birth and nationality of the foreign citizen must be provided (both boxes are mandatory). You can fill out personalized data forms automatically with your own data by clicking on the “Add my data” button.

The legal entity, business name, registry code and country that issued the registry code must be submitted. The contact information provided must be at least one but not more than five. From the drop-down menu, you can choose between three types: email address, Internet WWW address and phone. Then enter the contact information and click on the “Add” button. If you wish, you can continue to add contact information. You can then submit the start date and deadline for the validity of the mandate. You can not submit past dates. The term of validity of the mandate is by default set to “indefinite”. It can be easily changed when using calendar functionality. When you add data to another data protection specialist, we automatically check that there is no overlap between the two designated data protection specialist’s credentials. Finally, press the “Add” button.