Estonian FAQ

1. Estonia ?

Estonia is EU member since 2004. Estonia is located in Eastern Europe, and has a land area of 45,000 sq km. The country borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, between Latvia to the south and Russia to the east. The population is around 1.3m. The official language is Estonian.

2. Does an Estonian company have to have an Estonian address?

Yes, according to the Estonian Commercial Code a company must be registered at an Estonian address.

3. Can an Estonian company select a post box address as the legal address?

No, the Estonian Commercial Code does not enable registering a company at a post box address.

4. Does an e-resident need an Estonian address for their company?

Yes. According to the Commercial Code, an e-resident’s company must also have an Estonian address.

5. Where are the virtual offices located?

The virtual office is located in the heart of Tallinn. There is close by Stockmann market store, Viru Center, Radisson hotel etc.

6. Can I order the virtual office solution already before creating a company?

Yes, you can. If you are only beginning to register the company, then we will make the first invoice out to you as the future member of the board. We will prepare later invoices and the agreement in the company’s name if needed.

7. How do I get my post from the virtual office?

You can get post via e-mail. If necessary we will post the letters and parcels to the address of your choice.

8. Does Estonian company has to have local contact person?

Unless the residence of at least one-half of the managers of the branch of a foreign company is in Estonia, in another Member State of the European Economic Area or in the Swiss Confederation, the foreign company must have a local contact person.

9. What is tax for Estonian companies?

There is no corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits, 14-20% tax on distributed profits. Taxes can be declared fully online.