Applying for VAT number

As of May 1, 2004, the Tax and Customs Board will register with the VAT (only) those companies that engage in economic activities or prove their commencement (§ 20 (4) of the Value Added Tax Act).

As a result, the registration of non-operating ready-made companies is no longer possible for the sale of companies by sellers of the companies. It is possible to buy formerly operating companies, including VAT registered companies. The registration of the company as a VAT taxpayer will be retained!

The VAT registration obligation arises from the moment when the company’s sales turnover exceeds 40,000 EUR per calendar year, but also a company that has not yet begun to register as a VAT taxpayer. 

Taxable person can be registered at the Tax and Customs Center Regional Office. It usually takes 3-10 days to file a VAT identification from the time the application is filed, and registration as a payer is free of charge. 

We offer our clients the opportunity to minimize their time by organizing a VAT registration for the company we purchase. The service includes consulting the client, preparing a registration application and submitting to the Tax and Customs Board, communicating with the tax inspector, as well as representing the client in the Tax and Customs Board. The price includes the submission of a challenge in Step 1 if a refusal decision should arrive.

VAT registration as a service is 390 EUR.