Apostille and certified translation of company documents

An Apostille Certificate must be obtained and attached to the relevant company document to state that it is authentic and can be used in another country.

This official authentication is provided by a Notary who certifies the document.

It is often necessary to attach an Apostille Certificate to your company documents when opening a business bank account or opening a new branch of your business in a foreign country.

Our Apostille service can be used to legalise a range of company documents, including the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Good Standing etc. If required, additional documents can be Apostilled on request.

What are the Apostilled documents?

An Apostille Certificate is a form of authentication attached to official documents. Documents are certified by a sworn translator before the Notary attaches the Apostille Certificate to verify authenticity.

This allows the documents to be used outside Estonia.

Where can I use my Apostilled documents?

Apostilled company documents are accepted in any of the 115 countries which are party to the 1961 Hague Convention.

Do I need my company documents Apostilled?

You should only require Apostilled documents if you choose to open a business bank account outside the Estonia, or you want to open a new branch of your company overseas.

When do I receive my Apostilled documents?

Once your Apostilled documents are ready, we will forward them to you via e-mail or by postal service.

Prices start from:

Company registry card with shareholders names (english, apostilled) – 150 EUR 

Articles of association (english, apostilled) – 175 EUR